Bamboooz Products

Beautiful, Durable, 100% Eco-friendly, Anti-microbial and Bio-degradable

Bamboo Products Sold


Organic & Eco-friendly

Tons of Plastic/Metal saved

Why Choose Bamboo products?


Bamboo products are eco-friendly and one of the best alternatives to metal and plastic products.

Strong & Durable

The tensile strength of bamboo is higher compared to wood. The products made of bamboo can last longer than wood/plastic.


All products made from bamboo are 100% bio-degradable. You can be sure they will not end up in oceans or landfills.

Visually appealing

Products made from bamboo look aesthetic and beautiful compared to those made from plastic.



Bamboo has Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties and hence it can be used in food preparations and storage.


Our bamboo products are affordable and competitive. The lifetime value of bamboo far outweighs the cost of any other material.

Some of our Bamboo Products