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What is Bamboooz?

Bamboooz is a brand with highly skilled Engineers and Artisans. We are dedicated to designing Value added sustainable green Bamboo Products and Architectural structures.

Why Bamboo?

It is extremely hard and durable material.

Bamboo Products, Structures are not only aesthetically beautiful but will last well over 100 years given the right quality of treatment.

It also helps in environmental protection, Some points to prove our point:

  • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing grass. Harvesting Bamboo can in-turn save our forests.
  • It is highly versatile and it can be used to make Structure,Products , roofing, flooring & many other products.
  • Bamboo one of the best option for replacing Plastic Products & other non -renewable , toxic materials.
  • Innovative & Sustainable Bamboo products reduce the amount of materials that end up in landfills.
  • Bamboo is a boon to mankind

Here’s what Bamboooz can do for you

Bamboo Structures

We can engineer and design structures made out of bamboo. Structures like a booth, Kiosk are a few to mention.

Bamboo Products

At Bamboooz, we also make other value-added products out of Bamboo which can be used for daily productivity

Bamboo Roofing Mats, Panels and Sheet

Bamboooz can engineer and design structures rooftops for your house. We are the trend setters for Bamboo houses.

Shop from a wide range of Bamboo Furniture and Products from our exclusive online store

Check out our entire Bamboo Furniture and Products collection

Why choose Bamboooz ?

Over 100 Bamboo structures built and sold more than 200 bamboo products to customers all over India with 100% satisfaction rate.

Some of our satisfied customers include:

Let us discuss on the right bamboo structure for you!

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