Just why should you even read about Bamboo roofing?

Here’s why

It is no secret that the population in India over the roof. There are over 1.32 Billion of us.
That makes us the second highest in the whole world only behind china who are 1.38 Billion
China has taken measures to control population and it won’t be long before we overtake them.

The agenda is not on population control.

There are consequences that come with overpopulation.

Everyone needs a place to stay. Hence the resources required to build houses are increases both in demand and prices. The supply is decreasing as well.

Just houses? Think again.

The need for better infrastructure is rising in demand as well. Schools, Hospitals, bridges etc.

So much infrastructure demands a lot of brick and mortar which is short in supply.

An effective and eco-friendly alternative could be bamboo.

Although an entire structure can be built using bamboo, let’s look at the roofing solution today.

Bamboo is a grass that is extremely hard and durable all the right attributes required for a roof. Bamboo also grows quickly which means that there will be adequate supply.

A bamboo roof needs support. Just like a concrete roof is supported by iron rods.

A bamboo roof is supported by Bamboo Truss.

bamboo truss - bamboooz

Bamboo Truss Design for roofing


A bamboo truss is a frame made of bamboo poles.

Poles connected to each other in a particular form typically it takes the shape of the roof.

The only challenge is with connecting the poles together in a way that hold them firm for a long time.

Over the years there have been many ways in which people connected these poles to make a bamboo truss.

Traditional Bamboo truss connection


In the past bamboo truss was made by putting the bamboo poles together and strapping a rope around them. If you notice today’s scaffolding at the construction sites it looks similar.

He issue with this type of bamboo truss connectors is that the load of the roof was not equally distributed. There is friction which may compromise the strength of the roof.