Before we jump into Araku Valley’s Bamboo chicken & Biriyani, Let’s taka a quick look at Bamboo itself.

What is Bamboo and why is it important anyway?


BAMBOO is India’s one of the most valuable natural resource. Thanks to diversity in its application and the enormous scope for societal improvement.

Many rural and tribal livelihoods depend on bamboo for their survival.

The environmental benefits are many as well.

BAMBOO is popular for Suitability of Agriculture. Viable as a Construction material. Bamboo contains Nutrition and Health Value, Environmental Benefit’s etc.

An interesting fact about using Bamboo in our traditional Indian Cuisine is startling.

In many parts of India, people use bamboo poles to prepare dishes. The poles cut to right size for food to fit in.

People across India cook interesting dishes using these bamboo poles.

One such place is Araku Valley



Araku valley is a hill station in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a valley in the Eastern Ghats home to different tribes.

Suspended almost 3000 feet above the ground level, many hills surround Araku valley. The region also receives heavy rainfall. Perfect conditions for bamboo to grow in plenty.

The beauty of Araku Valley attracts a fair share of attention. Movies like Happy days, Katha and Life is beautiful features the hills.

Araku Valley is popular for Coffee and tourism. While many come to enjoy the weather and the greenery, some come to devour a special dish. Araku Valley’s Bamboo chicken.

What better do you wish for in the cold weather and hill top view?

Araku Valley's Bamboo Chicken

Araku Valley’s Bamboo Chicken recipe


The tribal communities first started cooking chicken inside the hollow tube of bamboo. Without the use of any oil or water.

Small raw chicken pieces are marinated with spices and stuffed inside a bamboo. The bamboo tube is open from one side. The opening is closed by stuffing the Sal leaves.

This bamboo is now put on coal fire and turned a few times so that the heat spreads out evenly.The heavenly aroma that is a blend of bamboo, burnt wood, divine herbs and chicken cooked in its own delicate juices. Once the bamboo is burnt black, it is opened and served hot.

The video demonstrates the process of cooking Araku Valley’s Bamboo Chicken extremely well