Ever heard of Bamboo Quotes?

It’s surprising, right? Seems like we all know Bamboo has been utilized for various purposes across the world. Furthermore, Bamboo is used as a food, medicine, Alcohol, Paper, Wood, construction material and much more. In addition to this, Bamboo Quotes are famous as well.

Bamboo Quotes are well known all around the world.

The characteristics of Bamboo are so versatile that it can be taken as an inspiration.

Below are the characteristics of Bamboo that could be perceived as inspiration:

  1. Bend but don’t break. Be flexible yet firmly rooted.
  1. Remember: What looks weak is strong.
  1. Be always ready.
  1. Unleash your power to spring back.
  1. Find wisdom in emptiness.
  1. Commit to (continuous) growth.
  1. Express usefulness through simplicity.

World renowned, Late Bruce Lee has given Bamboo Quotes which are inspiring and motivating.

Japanese and Chinese strongly believe in Bamboo and its uses. Bamboo is extensively used in their daily life for almost all purposes.

Japanese proverb - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz


This is probably the only grass in the world upon which inspiring quotes are written.

Bamboo was also used to manufacture war equipment also.

Good Friday tradition

Dozens of people were nailed to crosses in the devoutly Roman Catholic Philippines on Good Friday, in a gruesome re-enactment of the crucifixion.

While others atoned for their sins by flaying themselves with bamboo whips or paddles tipped with broken glass. The ritual has become a Good Friday tradition in certain villages, where tourists flock to hear the locals scream in agony as seven-inch nails are driven into their hands and feet.

Penitents are then hoisted up on crosses and left for five minutes in the scorching sun before the nails are pulled out.

Good Friday Crucifixion - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

Below are some of the top Bamboo Quotes


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Bruce Lee Quote - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.

– Bruce Lee.


People at birth are weak and supple.

People at death are strong and hard.

All living things including the trees and other

plants are supple and weak.

When they die, however, they all turn dry and hard.

Being hard and strong is the way of the dead.

Being soft and weak is the way of the alive.

Armed forces that show their brute strength will not win.

Trees that hold strong against the wind are likely to be blown down.

(in combat) To be strong and inflexible is a disadvantage.

To be weak and flexible is an advantage.

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Araki Sadao - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

If we have a thousand bamboo spears, there’s nothing to worry about a war with the Soviet Union.


Give me a Japanese division armed with bamboo spears and I’ll wipe out the entire Russian Far Eastern Army.

– Sadao Araki

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Ramakrishna - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz


The young bamboo can be easily bent, but the full grown bamboo breaks when it is bent with force.

– Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.


It is easy to bend the young heart towards God, but the untrained heart of the old escapes the hold whenever it is so drawn.


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Steve Lacy - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

 Bamboo is not a weed, it’s a flowering plant. Bamboo is a magnificent plant.

– Steve Lacy

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Ramakrishna Paramahamsa - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof.
You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up to a bamboo pole.

– Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

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Anna Getty - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

I stopped using plastic cooking spoons years ago and love my bamboo spoons and spatulas by Bambuhome.

– Anna Getty

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Elliott Smith - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz


But I was also doing odd jobs around Portland, like spreading gravel and transplanting bamboo trees.

– Elliott Smith

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Derek Walcott- Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz


Memory that yearns to join the center, a limb remembering the body from which it has been severed, like those bamboo thighs of the god.

– Derek Walcott.

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Sarah Lafleur- Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz


My mother always says, “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak.” I can be very focused and determined. But, I can also be very stubborn. Be flexible be nuanced.

– Sarah Lafleur



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Olga Broumas - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

Sweep the garden, any size said the Roshi. Sweeping, sweeping alone as the garden grows large or small.

Any song sung working the garden brings up from sand gravel soil through straw bamboo wood and less tangible elements Power song for the hands Healing song for the senses what can and cannot be perceived of the soul.

– Olga Broumas

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Diane Ackerman - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz


For better or worse, zoos are how most people come to know big or exotic animals.
Few will ever see wild penguins sliding downhill to sea on their bellies, giant pandas holding bamboo lollipops in China or tree porcupines in the Canadian Rockies, balled up like giant pine cones.

– Diane Ackerman

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Morihei Ueshiba - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz


Study the teachings of the pine tree, the bamboo, and the plum blossom. The pine is evergreen, firmly rooted, and venerable. The bamboo is strong, resilient, unbreakable. The plum blossom is hardy, fragrant, and elegant.

– Morihei Ueshiba


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David Walker - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

Well, it was just, the bars was all just like the bamboo roofs and everything. You know. As I say, to me, it’s completely spoiled all, all these places now. Make them all just tourist traps.

– David Walker


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Eddie Huang - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

I wanted to inspire people not to work under a bamboo ceiling. Whatever you are – yellow, black, white, brown – you don’t have to allow your skin to define who you are or how you operate your business. There’s not one face to anything.

– Eddie Huang


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Penelope Hobhouse - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

A garden is to be enjoyed and should satisfy the mind and not only the eye of the beholder.
Sounds such as the rustle of bamboo and the dripping of water, scents, and sensations such as grass or gravel or stone underfoot, appeal to the emotions and play a part in the total impression.

– Penelope Hobhouse

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LL Cool J - Bamboo Quotes - Bamboooz

I want a girl with extensions in her hair,

Bamboo earrings, at least two pairs,

A Fendi bag and a bad attitude,

That’s all I need to get me in a good mood.

She can walk with a switch and